Apr 13, 2011

eat, pray, love.

i watched the poorly-reviewed movie yesterday in my sick bed. and for all the self-indulgent, spaghetti slurping, sari wearing, perfect beach hair (in Balinese humidity, give me a break)i actually liked the movie. i even cried (i probably shouldn't admit that).

what the movie really sparked in me was a desire to move to Bali immediately. with plane tickets averaging $2000, i probably won't be going anytime soon.


hanner said...

i watched that while i was sick last winter too... but i cried because of the pain, oh the PAIN! that movie was terrible. haha.

The Sullengers said...

I actually really liked the movie - I could have skipped the whole meditating section, but everything else I thought was great!

Laura K said...

So I know you have probably heard this about every movie ever, but the book was so good! So so good

communikate. said...

oh man. bali. that movie made me want to go there badly as well!

and.. yep. i liked that the film. i'm a sucker for sappy cheese filled films though.