Apr 28, 2011

Lucia, Lucia

my friend, mary djaboury, is a rockstar. about 4 summers ago, we sat on the beach and talked about what we wanted for our futures. i had just started dating TH and was so excited for what could happen. i'd stay up until 2am talking to him on the phone and we had just met. i was smitten. mary d. told me how she'd been writing songs and really wanted to start a band. she played some songs for us and we were blown away! the girl has some serious talent and style. so we followed our dreams - i got hitched to my honey and she formed her band Lucia, Lucia. she's got that girly grunge, haunting voice thing going on in her music and it's excellent.

i went to her show a couple of weeks ago at DC9, her band is Lucia Lucia, and she totally killed it, as always. i just really like her and i'm so proud she has accomplished something she set out to do years ago. i love that. plus her day job is a childrens librarian and i'm pretty sure that is the cutest thing EVER, right?
You can listen to Lucia Lucia here. i really like her song, Tango.

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