Aug 12, 2011

27 weeks. flying while i still can.

hey there lovers, i am jetting off for a long weekend to portland, oregon to catch up with some old college girlfriends. this is the first time we'll be reunited since our graduation over 5 years ago. i can't wait to see them! when i come back, guess who will be gone on his own trip? TH and i really need to learn to sync up our travel schedules a little better. No such thing as a quick 2 day trip - it always turns into at least a week apart.

This little bump of mine is not so little anymore. At our midwife appointment yesterday, my lovely midwife (and friend!) sneaked in a quick ultrasound so we could see little baby. oh my goodness, i am just falling in love with this kid so much! we can hardly wait 3 more months to see the baby for the first time. will it look like me or TH? will it be a boy or a girl? a maude or a claude? lucky for us we still have some time because we are not quite physically ready for baby yet. carseats, strollers, diapers have yet to be purchased. birth classes? not yet. but we're getting there. good thing we are not fruitflies with only 1 week gestation period. can you even imagine?


communikate. said...


you're coming during a great weather weekend!

have fun lady!

Peppermint Patty said...

Or a elephant...they have a 2 year gestation period. Oy vey! Cute pics!