Aug 26, 2011

weekend and baby stuff.

the sky was a greenish gray last night as i came out of the metro after work. i had to take off my glasses. i'd never seen the sky that color.

impending disasters have a way of making everyone seem so calm and quiet. the city is sleepy today, 90 degrees and sunny, and we're just waiting for Irene to hit this weekend. stocked up on canned fruit and soups, granola bars, and of course the essential donuts and muffins (duh). we are ready.

but before the storm hits, we have a lot to take care of. we are t-minus 11 weeks until baby over here and have yet to sign up for a birth class or visit a baby store. i'm a little behind in that department. on monday, my doctor smiled when she saw i was still wearing my regular non-maternity jeans. "a little in denial, are we?" she laughed. so monday night i purchased my first pair of maternity pants and today i am swimming in comfortable luxurious pants room! in heaven! TH is super jealous of course that i get a stretchy band instead of zipper and button, and he's insisting on getting a pair for himself.

so it starts at maternity pants, and this weekend will kick off the rest of baby inundation. last night, TH looked at my belly and said "i can't wait for baby to get here" and i just laughed and said "baby is already HERE, just inside my belly!" i feel it moving every day and it's 15 inches long and weighs 3.5 lbs! this baby is so real to me, even though i haven't met it yet. i love feeling all the kicks and jabs and flips and spins and a couple episodes of the baby hiccups (which have to be the cutest thing in the world, i think?).

baby baby baby. have a great weekend, and stay safe and warm!

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