Aug 18, 2011

clothes conundrum.

i know that having a baby is a wonderful thing, but guys i am kind of vain and proud and i can't figure out most days how to wear clothes that are cute.

cue me last night, wandering through the mall for 2 hours looking for clothes that could be re-purposed after november. i walked by a few maternity stores and i was like "ew" so i just ended up frustrated in forever 21 with a Peanuts tshirt that i totally plan on wearing for the entire remainder of my pregnancy. so don't judge me if you see me in my charlie brown, it's all i can do to even wear clothes these days.

i guess i should just work on building up my shoe wardrobe since luckily my feet still love me.

this is the dumbest post ever.


Jen Evans said...

You mean you don't like pink? Or lace? Or pink lace? Or pink lace on a pink shirt? Because the only maternity shirt I bought while preg was a pink shirt with pink lace. Soon it will be autumn and you can wear big sweaters.

Laura K said...

Im tellin ya! Old Navy! cant beat their clearance maternity clothes. Maybe I am just a cheapo. But lets hope you can figure it out soon or else the 'nursing clothes' post would be a LOT longer than this one.

hanner said...

your sister's comment made me LOL.

ummm you shoulda come with me to unique yesterday! i bought a bunch of stuff that i'm going to need to sew to make it fit me. six shirts and skirts for $19.88 (appropriate for the time period they probably came from). anyway, that's a cheap way to make your wardrobe stretch. then you won't feel too bad by the end when you hate everything you wore for the last trimester.

Dana said...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've bought maternity shirts from Old Navy that were on clearance (like $1!)

And no, I was not at the time, nor have I ever been, pregnant. It was for a halloween costume, but I actually still wear it. :)

emily said...

i'm sure that is quite a conundrum. i have a hard time even when my body isn't growing a baby. hmm.
p.s. our new apt is at 125 and 5th ave. i love it. love it.
p.p.s. one of my favorite books is the bell jar, too.

hanner said...

ok i came back to this and i have to laugh at dana's comment because i, too, own an old navy maternity shirt that i bought on clearance. i'll never tell you which one though (unless i already have).

have you checked out forever 21? haha. i mean, kind of lame right? but they have maternity wear. i'm sure it's not all skanky.

Veronica said...

this is what i think about 75% of the time. maternity clothes are such a scam.

Eliza said...

Most of my maternity clothes are Liz Lange from Target. And a few H&M ("Mama" line, Dulles Town Center has it). And some Forever 21 repurposed.

I remember once telling my mom that I wanted to get maternity clothes that I could wear while not pregnant, and she said, "You will never want to wear these again. At least not until the next baby. You will be so sick of them." She was right. After each baby is born (and the post-partum shrinking-belly weeks or months have passed) I am SO glad to put the maternity clothes back in the maternity clothes box. So, go ahead and get some cute maternity clothes and don't worry about wearing them after baby. Same with nursing clothes. The important thing is to get something that is comfy and makes you feel cute and worry about later, later!

Lars is almost 3 months old and I am finally 100% in real-person clothes (that I can nurse or pump in, of course...which does have its limitations). I just put away ALL my maternity clothes and feel so psyched about it. It feels like real life now.

Excited for you!!