Aug 10, 2011

a few new things.

1. new stability ball at work to replace my office chair. my lower back and i are completely loving it. trying not to get caught bouncing around to my music.
2. attended first prenatal yoga class yesterday. hello perfect fit! there is just something about being in a room with 15 other pregnant ladies, hearing the instructor tell us to "stretch to make room for our babies to breathe" and "as your breathing deepens, the baby grows calm". it's really cool learning about ways to take care of your fetus that aren't just related to how much broccoli and kale you can ingest in one sitting.
3. these shoes. i've only dared to wear them 2x so far because they are tall and i am getting more pregnant every day.
4. my growing belly. yesterday i woke up for the first time feeling heavy. feeling a sense that this baby is getting bigger! we ran into a friend last night on our walk around the Hill and he couldn't help but touch my belly - i don't blame him, it's sticking out rather far these days.
5. my love for trader joe's black bean taquitos with a slice of avocado and salsa. yum!

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hanner said...

those platforms are truly uplifting.