Aug 30, 2011

30 weeks.


belly grows. heartburn really sets in. head and feet and elbows moving around like a whirlwind tornado in my belly. 30 weeks pregnant is so different from anything my body has ever experienced.

i'm trying to stay positive because i don't have any other options right now, but when i see people jogging and spinning around i do feel a little jealous. when TH makes a flying leap onto the bed, i ask him - please do a flying leap for me, too. it's weird to think next time i'll be jogging and leaping and spinning, i'll have a baby.

i crave cinnamon rolls, indian food, and chocolate ice cream.

we spend nights planning for baby, watching dumb movies, and going for epic walks around the Hill.

i started knitting and working on some baby projects. i think i'm going to try and make them my labor projects. keep my mind off of it all, you know?

30 weeks pregnant. i feel more different than ever - physically of course, but also emotionally. it's a trip.


emily said...

every time someone I know is pregnant, I am baffled. it's such an amazing thing! and you look amazing.

Jathan and Heather said...

Cutest pregnant lady around! And I'm not just saying that, to make you feel better ;) Really & truly, my friend... Cute! You just wait... before you know it, you'll be spinning & jumping with a little toddler by your side. And I can't wait to read all about it. Unless, you move to Portland... Then I would be spinning & jumping with you! ;) Love you, Jules!

The Sullengers said...

You are so beautiful pregnant! And I am amazed at how positive you are! I guess I'm okay till after 30 weeks and then I dread being pregnant, that is when my body changed the most and stretch marks came. But you will probably be blessed with no stretch marks :) Hopefully! I just sent a cinnamon roll recipe to you - are you still a gmail e-mail? If not - e-mail me at carasullenger at yahoo dot come and I'll resend it!

DeeAura said...

oh shut the front door, you are SO cute!

hanner said...

will you teach me to knit? iceland has inspired me.

Laura K said...

just think of how much you've grown!... ten more weeks to go! And can anybody tell me how beyonce is just now revealing that she is pregnant, girl must be like 20 some weeks along with that bump.

Lars said...

Pregnant Julie is so beautiful!