Aug 2, 2011

monday night.

we left work early yesterday to go pick up our new license plates for the Tiguan.
afterwards, a stop by Target for all the essentials.
then a trip to Harris Teeter to stock up on groceries.
finally, home to make dinner and do some laundry.

and there's nobody else i'd rather be with while doing all this boring life stuff. he makes me laugh so much my stomach hurts. i love being his family.

speaking of family, this morning i couldn't even get out of bed because baby was kicking and moving around so much. it was so cool to watch, and was totally worth being an hour late to work.


Mary said...

Your baby is so active!

Laura K said...

somebody is going through quite the hormonal blogging. Love is in the air.

nomadic gnome said...

oh my gosh, laura you have no idea how crazy hormonal woman i am. it's probably a good thing mark was traveling so much of my pregnancy - he'd probably have moved out by now.

naomi megan. said...

yay! just wait until you start shopping for diapers and things together... it's fun now but just wait...... ah.... it gets so much more fun. those hubbies and their baby gear faces. just wait.

modestmuse said...

Enjoy the freedom to do all of those things consecutively, uninterrupted! And amen for having a partner who makes you laugh and creates adventures in the mundane tasks of life.