Aug 18, 2011

3rd trimester. 28 weeks. last flight?

jetting off once again, this time just for an overnighter to join TH on a short work trip. beach, here i come!
i keep thinking i'm taking my last flight before baby, but so far that hasn't been the case. so, i think this is my last flight? i guess i still have 6 weeks or so to fly, but it's so uncomfortable these days i'm trying to keep it to a minimum. plus all that water i have to drink on the plane makes me use the airplane closet bathroom at least once every 1/2 hour. thank goodness for aisle seats.

have a fun weekend!

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Laura K said...

no, there's still time for a trip to st paul and the mall of america. If you cant find maternity clothes, there is also an endless supply of baby stores to shop. And there are lake beaches here. Laaake. Beeeaches. Tammy owns a boat.