Aug 22, 2011

whirlwind weekend.

you know those days you just want to lay in bed and the thought of being busy just makes you want to scream into your pillow? today was definitely one of those days.

we had a crazy weekend - it was really good, just really BUSY. and all the things i wanted to do, like signing up for baby classes, going to a baby stuffs store, formatting pictures from oregon, those things all got pushed to the side.

instead we:
1. went to jacksonville, florida for a quick pre-weekend work getaway. we have some interesting work opportunities that i can't really talk about yet, but hopefully i'll be able to share in another month or so.
2. drove up to northern maryland for the annual crabfest with our family. saw my brother rob and family who we haven't been able to catch up with in MONTHS. jodi is also pregnant and i'm so excited to have 2 new babies in the family, about 10 weeks apart. can't wait for the cousins to meet each other!
3. celebrated the new marriage of liz and dan at an intimate little shower in DC. they looked so happy, and it was a hoot talking about newlywed stuff with them. love them to pieces.
4. church and taught sunday school. i love our students so much.
5. took a 4 hour nap after church.
6. ate cupcakes with TH's family for cousin farewell to freshman year of college. so much reminiscing about going far away for school, and signing up for 7:30am classes (big mistake!)

and this morning we got to see baby again. it's getting quite crowded in there! we used to be able to see baby turn and flip and kick, but now we were just seeing big knees and tummies poking out. and it turns out baby is not that big after all, the doctor just had my due date wrong. oopsie. now moved up to the second week of november. excuse me while i go scream into my pillow. i'm not ready!!

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mike said...

Thanksgiving is looking better and better. You'll make it.