Aug 29, 2011

hurricane: the aftermath

i didn't take any pictures. but if i had...

{picture 1: me laying on the couch}

{picture 2: eating donuts and watching the weather channel}

{picture 3: quick drive to Giggle to check out baby stuff and Anthropologie for shoes, followed by sandwiches at Jettie's}

{picture 4: peeking out the window every hour, yep still raining and windy!}

{picture 5: chana masala for dinner!}

{picture 6: gorgeous pancakes c/o TH for breakfast}

{picture 7: knitting baby booties}

we survived! it was a relaxing weekend. i slept a lot and had a lot of fun going through all the baby stuff we have. as it turns out, we still need a lot of stuff. luckily we already have a car seat that sits in our little VW. it's so cute, every time i look at it, i want to die.

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