Aug 1, 2011

sunday night cookies.

apart from church yesterday, we didn't leave the house for one minute yesterday. what a lazy, lazy sunday. we bought a memory foam mattress topper and after 2 nights of blissful sleep, i can officially state that it has officially changed our lives. officially. it's divine. (and it was so affordable, too!)

after a day of laying around, we decided to make late night chocolate chip cookies. i tried a new recipe that included 2 types of vanilla and 3 types of chocolate. hello favorite cookies ever. plus TH helped and he never helps me bake, so i am going to say that making cookies with love always makes them better.

then i spent the evening watching that dumb bachelorette show - i cannot wait for it to be over so i'm not addicted anymore. total waste of time.

and i started the elegance of the hedgehog for the 3rd time. maybe 3rd times the charm?

hooray for sundays and hooray for houses being full of love.


modestmuse said...

I read The Elegance of the Hedgehog and actually blogged about it. I would say don't feel guilty, it's not worth your time.

Heather said...

ah yes, the elegance of the hedgehog. I also say just to skip it. I finished it on my second try and it was stupid.