Dec 14, 2009

christmas spirit.

i'm in it.

christmas cookies, christmas concerts, holiday lights, holiday parties, wishes of happy christmas! its christmas i should probably get started on that christmas shopping? such a procrastinator this year, ug.

and i'm unimpressed with my hair stylist. i'm giving him one more chance to wow me, then its quitsville. but i can't quit on him before christmas. its the season of giving!


hanner said...

i'm so bummed, i really need a haircut (more like a bang cut) and i usually just go to the aveda school because i am cheap and they do a good job, but they're booked till like january. so, shaggy hannah for a month.

Sokphal said...

Good seeing you and TH at the ballet! When the ballroom scene came on I thought of you and your darcy and elizabeth entry below. :)