Dec 9, 2009

people get ready.

oh man, life won't slow down! something going on every night this week and already half of next week, then it's christmas, then leaving town for new years.

wait. christmas? that means i should start looking at presents for those i love. i have purchased one item for my love, and well pathetically that is all. online shopping may be my answer.

where do you go for good gifts online? etsy, yes. amazon, yes. blogs, yes. i'm loving all these gift guides everyone is doing, especially cup of joe.

have you finished your shopping? i have never been one of those last minute people when it comes to gifts, but geez, this year has snuck up on me!


Mike, Amber, Tanner and Brooklyn said...

of course I've finished my shopping. You know me, I'd start packing for our trip out there in March if I could!

The Danimal said...

oooooooo I love that link you put on this blog post. I've never seen it. GORGEOUS.