Dec 16, 2009

jolly holiday.

last night i stopped by the dc holiday market.

it reminded me of the open air christmas markets in europe that i hear about. and then this morning, the express (fav morning paper) featured a story on german christmas markets! what luck! wish i could visit some of these markets - they look so cozy and delicious!

i picked up some lovely christmas gifts, listened to live jazz, and slapped my hand every time it tried to pay the donut man for some fresh donuts. i'm not allowed to have donuts every day, this is my rule. or at least one donut a day is my rule - that seems a little more realistic.

if you have some free time, stop by the holiday market - right next to chinatown. i think it's open through the 23rd. And be sure to check out mann's jewelry line - he uses recycled aluminum and fires his own glass to make beautiful jewelry!

peace out. i'm off to eat a donut. (what?!)

1 comment:

Steve said...

The best part of these is something that you can only experience, the smells and taste of it! Roasted nuts, candies, fried potatoes and sausage, gluhwein, etc. Mmmmmmmm.