Dec 15, 2009


i love it. i need it. i want it.

somebody from vermont (who knows me too well, i think) sent a bag of Vermont Maple Kettle Corn to our office today. it was gone once i got my little paws on it. oh man, good STUFF. i actually sunk into a short depression once i realized i'd eaten it in like 10 minutes. but on the up side, i do have a little jug of maple syrup from vermont. hooray!

I've already ostracized myself from a few of my friends - TH hates popcorn because of how loud it is. My friend Annie won't go to a movie with me because i am one of those people that eats popcorn with their tongue (awesome!).

well, friends, i think we might have to have popcorn at the wedding reception. in little bags! how cute would that be?


Kim Gardner said...

I was on the fence about coming to the wedding and now I'm IN. I'm completely obsessed with popcorn... in any variety.

Mike, Amber, Tanner and Brooklyn said...

Of course you should have little popcorn bags.. there to cute to pass up. But if the hubby hates it, you might want to add something he loves.

your friend annie said...

say it ain't soooooo ooo oooooo.

Steve said...

What do you mean by "eats popcorn with her tongue"? That sounds dirty! haha.