Dec 18, 2009

winter wonderland.

i hope this blog has photos of mounds of winter snow tomorrow.

rumors of 10-20 inches of snow in the district starting tonight! i'm so excited. when we were kids, a big snowstorm in the forecast meant the night before we'd go to the store to stock up on essentials. crackers, cheeseballs, and cookies. you know - the things you can't survive without. so the things i can't live without now? bread, cheese, and something sweet. guess some things never change.

the last big snowstorm i remember in dc was the blizzard of 96. we had 2 feet of snow and school was out for a week, and delayed 1-2 hours for another week. it was the best. these are the reasons i really love winter so much.

have a happy weekend wherever you may be!!

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