Dec 22, 2009


1. where's a good place to honeymoon?
2. do you want to see nine with me?
3. ready to start a book club?
4. where do i buy vermont smoked gouda?
5. what's a good side dish for christmas dinner?
6. can i buy reasonably priced boots that still are cute?
7. what should i wear for our engagement pictures?
8. why does my record player only work for like 1/6 of my record collection?

what's on your mind?


rob said...

hi julie,

looked at your blog today on a whim. but, good news! all boots are on sale at the nordstrom in pentagon city.

hanner said...

of course robbie would know where the shoe sales are.

1. somewhere warrrrrm
2. yes! just wait till i get back, or go tonight.
3. yes
4. robbie could know that too
5. the bobby flay beans we made. the ones with almonds. yalm.
6. blah, struggling with that myself
7. something you won't regret in 10 years
8. karma

Ms. White said...

i would love to see nine with you in a few weeks!!!!

Lauren said...

In regard to #1, do you want somewhere adventurous, or relaxing? We went to Hawaii and it was fabulous, but that is VERY far for you. We also just got back from an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta and it was awesome to not have to worry about food or drinks the whole time, but yet you miss out on local food because of it. What I would definitely NOT suggest: a cruise. Not that I think you would, but you shouldn't.
I used to be a travel agent--hit me up thru Heath if you need real suggestions! Oh, and much congratulations. so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I can confidently say I love these boots. I'm a city walker and even through watery slush, my feet stayed dry. swoon.

AmandaStretch said...

I'm all for honeymooning somewhere warm and tropical. I <3 green bean casserole. And I LOVE to see Nine! It looks so good!

Eric said...

Sorry I am a little late, but I think my answers are pretty kick ass.
1 - Go to somewhere cheap in the Carribean. Save some money and take a nice trip next year when you aren't so worried about the honeymoon aspects.
2 - I don't know what that is, but I did buy Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too for Derrek's Christmas, so if you want to watch those with us, you are welcome. We may be dressing up like wolves for the event.
3 - I am in, and the Redhead as well. You have to admit that we would be spectacular members of any book club.
4 - Vermont I would assume.
5 - I quite like Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato Casserole. More like dessert than side.
6 - Ream's Boot and Jean. There is one in West Jordan. They have incredible raspberry fritters covered in chocolate too. And their produce is reasonably cheap.
7 - Something low cut to show off your rack. I meant that about Mark. You should wear something that matches some small piece of color that he is wearing. And don't point your stupid ring at the camera in the picture. It is tacky and overplayed. We want to see you, not the ring.
8 - I know that you are a hipster and I envy that you are cool and I think about salted meat most of the day, but records? Just buy some itunes downloads. They always work. Unless you are spinning dubs all night long. In that case it probably isn't working due to the spinning.

Steve said...

yeah, I'm very late, but whatev...
1. I 3rd the warm bit. Try the eastern caribbean. We loved Nevis and all inclusive is the only way to roll.
2. If you mean 9, the Tim Burton produced movie, then yes!
3. Not how I roll.
4. Try Cheestique in Del Ray (Mt Vernon Ave in Alexandria) or the cheese shop in Penn Quarter. How long have you lived in DC? hehe.
5. Way too late to comment.
6. Just don't get those silly little kids looking ones. I hate girls in those. It is not hot looking like you are 9.
7. Go business casual. Something cute, since you will probably never look this young and happy again!
8. You probably need a new needle.

this one said...

i want to start a book club too. and i want to see nine. i am so excited for you and TH. i think about it all the time!