Dec 21, 2009

ooooo eeeee. what up with that?

since you are surely aware of all the snow that happened this weekend by now, i won't post my pictures of snow day 2009 on here. just know that i couldn't sleep in saturday morning because i had to get up and watch the snow pile up! we ended up with about 18 inches.

while it was still snowing on saturday, i went and threw snowballs at TH's window until he came outside to play. he happened to be showering when i went to his house so i stood outside his window and yelled at him till he opened the window...then...BAM! snowball in the face! perfect! a great way to start a saturday, really. we walked to the mall and to costco and the grocery store, both of which were closed. then we spent a cozy night with friends and a delicious dinner made by the very talented team: cristy and sierra!

anyway. then today i got off work since the feds called it off. i was pretty sick of being in the house all cooped up, so i put on my boots, went to the christmas market again, then came to visit TH at work, and here i sit, procrastinating my work and blogging. shocker.

but! i want to share this gem with you. this is pretty much the funniest skit on SNL right now. i like to imitate the red adidas sweatsuit guy. i just wish i had that gold chain to inspire the dancing. what! up! with! that!


hanner said...

uuuughhhh we were so bugged when work was canceled, mostly because for me it means i had to use vacation days. no fair! and because i was super bored. so we went to tysons and i bought shoes and ate a pretzel and it felt so luxurious.

Jen Evans said...

The funniest thing about these skits is that they're not actually that funny. But they are hilarious! I was trying to dance like the adidas guy yesterday and Lizzie yelled, "Stop dancing!" She totally rained on my parade.