Dec 11, 2009


last weekend we drove to pick up my ring from the jeweler. it had to be resized (down to a 4 3/4! i didn't know my finger was that small!) and i was without it for about a week.
it was snowing pretty heavily as we drove along the GW parkway, and across the river was georgetown. it was one of the prettiest sites i'd ever seen in dc, it looked just like a secret winter european city. TH and i pulled over to check it out and got snowed on a bit. i love winter. the cold is refreshing and clears the sky so stars are brilliant! and i'm also saying i love the winter as i'm sitting with my space heater in my warm office and its like 25 degrees and windy today.

this weekend: tonight staying out of the cold and going to bed early. i'm exhausted! then saturday its off to the nyc ballet and checking out a potential reception location. and a sunday night christmas concert with TH's family.

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