Dec 28, 2009

lovely lovely christmas.

wow, i blinked and christmas happened!

i had planned to do so much, but instead i got sick and laid around the house a bunch, and when he could TH pulled me off the couch to go do fun things.

christmas day: breakfast with dad and TH - biscuits and gravy made by dad and eggs and cinnamon rolls. lots of presents. early dinner with TH's family and extended family. lots more presents. visit with mi madre and more presents. and then? avatar in 3d. awesome.
the rest of the weekend was spent eating and trying to figure out wedding stuff (head ache!) it was so fun spending time with families all day. i feel lucky to have these people in my life!

but a few highlights of christmas...TH gave me hunter wellies that i've been wanting for like 2 years, his parents gave me a brand new kitchenaid (wow!!), papa mickey hooked it up $$, and i got to see lots of my cute little nieces, oh and play a killer game of jenga. we got it to 30 rows!i can't believe little abby is almost 5!

i have been really really bad at taking pictures lately. i will add "take more pictures" to my new years resolutions.
speaking of new years, TH and i are headed out of town for the holiday...details to come!

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