Dec 28, 2009

streaming thoughts.

so i've been really trying hard to figure out what it is exactly that our wedding reception should look like.
and here's what i just decided: parisian winter in a barn, with lots of sparkle.


uhm, problem is i am having a hell of a time translating that into something real. what colors? what textures? what is everyone doing? what does the food look like?
and how do i do parisian winter without everything being drab and washed out? i'm trolling design blogs, but i think i need to revisit our venue to really work out my ideas.

i'm glad TH is so patient. cause i really struggle with that virtue.


hanner said...

where did you guys end up with your venue? i love sparkle. lights and sparkle.

Team O'Connor said...

I'm so excited for you to get married! You are way more ambitious than I was. I think all the details of the reception were too much for me so I kind of shrugged away from doing anything. I love your theme though and I just found the cutest girlie parisian boutique in Frederick. I'll have to take some pictures of the store and maybe that'll give you some ideas. Good luck with all the planning!