Dec 10, 2009

this just in.

TH's company has been purchased by a bigger fish, and as a result he will be moving to their offices, which are...located...TWO BLOCKS FROM MY OFFICE.

you know, it's a good thing we're getting married, because it would be pretty awkward running into him all the time on the street if we were all broken up. you know, since we live 3 blocks away from each other and will now be working two blocks from each other.

No wonder they say this is a small town.

Oh, and this means we'll be better equipped to move into the district - more convenience. so...if anyone hears of a cool apartment opening up feb/march with maybe a bay window for dining/reading nook on capitol hill or adams morgan, i'm all ears!


hanner said...

oh snap! how exciting! we should all meet for lunch then!

Cara said...

How fun! Now you can get together for some lunch nookey