Jul 8, 2010

3 months!

i can't believe its been (over!) 3 months since we got married. with all this travel, it's hard to feel like a newlywed. easy to feel like a weary eyed traveler and get fed up with airports, though.
but really, it's been just so nice. no, not perfect (is marriage ever perfect?), but it's so nice to have found my best friend in my husband. i am super cheesy with him like i've never been able to be with anyone else. i knew when i married him he would make me laugh all the time, and it's true. i swear he is just a joke machine disguised as a human. i'm pretty happy how these past 3 months have molded me and i'm glad that he puts up with my little fits and my grumpiness. he deserves all kinds of medals for that one. i feel ridiculously lucky when he's by my side.

1 comment:

hanner said...

cutiezzzz. we love hanging out with the newlyweds! and not just because TH is a joke machine.