Jul 6, 2010

utah. the food.

of course, i have to tell you about the food we ate in utah last week. salt lake has a pretty happening food scene right now, and we dove right in. oh man, did we ever.

best new find: les madelines
a downtown bakery, specializing in amazing pastries. i had the best egg sandwich of my life, and about 4 Kouing Amans (we went back again for more of these). Kouing Amans are a flaky, buttery pastry with crystal sugar and salt dusted on the outside and carmelized goodness. omgah i'm dying for another one right now. apparently they run out on a daily basis, so you must get there early to partake. worth it.

an old favorite, and a diners, drive-ins, and dives restaurant (triple D): red iguana.
our large group was all interested in mole, but not sure which to get, so they brought out 2 of their sampler trays - this was so cool of them to do. we were all so happy with our food! fun to be there with the kiddos and family. hooray for good mexican food! so hard to find on the east coast.

another triple D restaurant, moochies. featuring sub sandwiches, including meatball subs and philly cheesesteak - our group was so happy about this! i had a tuna sub, which was kind of mayonaissey, but the bread was good anyway. look at my brother stuffing his face. haha, thanks for taking us here, mike!

k and last but not least, the blue plate diner as recommended to us by tony and laura, and yet another triple D restaurant! TH and i both got eggs benedict - mine was vegetarian sausage and tomatoes, TH got mexican eggs benedict. the hollandaise was to die for and the hash browns, too! we loved this place! sat at the counter and ate free rolo's and sipped our cokes until the food came. this was the last place we went before heading to the airport to fly back to DC.

oh wow. i'm hungry.

see you next time, restaurants of slc. nicely done.


Eric said...

Next time you come I have another list for you to hit up. Number one is Grove's Market. You would also benefit from Village Baker, the taco carts in front of Sears (always great), and Astro Burger for some burgers for everyone with a Greek salad for you - topped off with a Fruity Pebble shake.

danje said...

i DIE over those kouing amans every single time. oh sigh ... AMAZING! i don't think people undertsand how much good food there is in the provo-slc area. i am always pleased. ooo, have you been to tony caputo's next to pioneer park near the gateway? heavenly sandwiches (roasted red pepper esp.) and chcolate cake the size of your head. have you tried bistro712 in provo? apparently really killer too. hmmm ... and there's always the pie for those root beer floats and cheesy bread (i love basement restaurants).

you really need to write a travel booklet for DC and Utah.