Jul 27, 2010

quick trip. and some tunes.

driving up to pennsylvania tonight for a meeting i'm running tomorrow. i think on the way home, i'll try to stop by a dutch market or gettysburg, since i've never been.

then guess what? NO MORE TRIPS FOR almost 4 WEEKS! wow, i can't wait to be home for a while. settle in. i just bought some really great records when i was in CA, and i just want to sit in my living room with the speakers turned up, drinking some cool drink and listening to patsy cline, benny goodman, charlie parker, and waylon jennings. old country and old jazz - that is my perfect summer soundtrack.

and maybe with a little of this mixed in there, too:

QUADRON "Slippin" (Unofficial) video from jenna mangulad on Vimeo.


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Mary said...

August is our month to have dinner together! Whaddya say?