Jul 15, 2010

DC break.

missing family today.

i made the best decision ever yesterday. my Delta flight back to dc was delayed because the plane had mechanical problems (my flight out to denver was cancelled for the same reason), so i called up customer service, cancelled my flight, and then called Frontier airlines and bought a last minute one-way to DCA. i literally bought the ticket while standing in front of the gate, 25 minutes before it took off. never done that before, so i felt pretty smart. especially when i landed and saw that the original delta flight STILL hadn't taken off. take that, delta. i am never flying that airline again.

glad to be back home for a day. just enough time to do laundry, pack, and settle my stomach (my stomach has not been flying well lately).

colorado springs was beautiful, and the drive between denver and co springs took my breath away. i would have no problem moving there and living a happy happy life in the mountains. never thought this east coast girl would say that, but wow - it was quite refreshing to be there.

now i'm off to conquer this humid, hot day. bring it, DC.


hanner said...

it was so nice to have the rain the last couple of days. i miss it already. that's weird you've had delta problems... they're usually good for us! and i'm also glad that you enjoyed the west for us. i miss it.

Jen Evans said...

First: I think I will never ever take a decent picture. Guh.

Second: Where was that picture taken?

Third: I just flew Delta and they called me at 6 AM on the day of my 10 AM flight to let me know my flight was cancelled!!! Boo! Delta is no good.

GingerLand said...

Delta has had problems every time I've ever flown them. They think just because they're the biggest, they can bully, but I avoid them at all costs now.

As for a East Coast girl who recently transplanted west, I will say, it is great, beautiful, fun... for a vacation. But I miss SOO much about the East!