Jul 6, 2010

hot hot heat.

no sneaky hotel pools this weekend, but i did visit my sisters community pool yesterday and it was a DELIGHT. i just wish i could stay in the pool today and tomorrow with temperatures forecasted in the triple digits today and tomorrow. blech.

this weekend went by quickly!

friday: visited TH's parents, had some dessert and picked up my new bike!

saturday: morning housework, temple, then a quick trip to the mall (awesome sale at jcrew right now - i found jeans originally priced at $158 for $17! what a bargain. for dinner we picked up some general tso's at sunflower in vienna, va, and watched Bird, a biopic about charlie parker. really good movie, we couldn't turn it off even though it was 1am and i was beat!

sunday: church, relax at home, TH put my bike together (its so pretty!), then we walked down to the folklife festival at the mall with our new neighbs, hannah and robbie. i didn't take any pictures at all because it was so hot all i wanted to do pretty much was cry. but then we found shade, bought some lemonade, and talked about museum, religion, and movies and other pop culture importance. then 4th of july on the mall - we sat right under the fireworks and they looked all 3d like they were popping out at us! i loved it. always good memories on the mall. dan kirk was there and we reminisced about the time we all went down to dc as teenagers and made each other pass out because that was the mormon way of getting high. haha. how ridiculous. after fireworks, we just walked the quick 20 minute walk home and collapsed.

monday: slept in, made egg sandwiches and strawberry smoothies, then i left TH to go to THE POOL! with my sisters and bro-in law and dad. oh yeah lizzie was there, of course, stealing the show as always. after THE POOL! we went back to jenny's house and ate pizza hut and chocolate covered peanuts and i thought to myself how much i love my family. we love to just sit around and eat bad foods on holiday weekends, and that is awesome.

today i want to cry it is so hot. but instead, i will work, then take my bike to get oiled up and ready to ride, make crumpets, then eat dinner with friends!

how was your weekend, friends?

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hanner said...

get CRUMP! haha.

i can't believe how hot it is, and that i'm still in my office. THE AC ISN'T ON. code orange air quality, anyone??