Jul 26, 2010

san francisco, what a treat.

mushrooms at ferry building.biking to the golden gate bridge.before crossing the bridge. hello windy day.
sausalito. you gorgeous little town, you.a house in berkeley. those flowers nearly made me cry.
and can't forgot all the cool SF houses and details.

i thought san francisco was an interesting mix of new york, chicago, and the rocky mountains (those hilly streets! ack!) friday, i had breakfast at the ferry market building, then i rented a bike and biked the embarcadero to the golden gate bridge and down to sausalito. a great way to see so much of the city and enjoy the cool summer weather. i got a nice sunglasses burn, and i look awesome now. after the bike ride, i went straight to chinatown to check out the crazy shops and felt completely lost and overwhelmed! one hour is not long enough to even put a dent in chinatown! i went back to my hotel after that and rested for 20 minutes, then took off to walk around a ton - through the mission district over to haight-ashbury (through the duboce triangle - loved it!), and then took a cab to golden gate park to visit the de young museum (up the observation tower with amazing views of the city!). and ended the day with a movie - the kids are all right. and that was all in one day!!

back in town, and just loving dc. i don't even care how hot it is, it's just nice to be home, walking around my neighborhood again, dreaming up fun things to do to enjoy the rest of the summer. i really do love living in dc and so excited to hang out with friends. play time!


naomi megan. said...

look at you and that sexy sexy hair! so, you're back? i forget if you're off to someplace else to travel for a bit more or if you're here in dc for a little while.

let's get together if you're here! wanna hear about all the travels (and primary!)

The Danimal said...

Jules. I really love these pics. they are really really grrrrood.

Camilla Leila said...

hooray! my parents live in sausalito. i'm actually here right now! but we're thinking of moving to dc. how funny :)

glad you enjoyed your time over here!