Jul 30, 2010

Oui, the pizza.

So this week I went to We the Pizza twice.

I've had a slice of cheese, mushroom, and buffalo mozzarella.

It's good pizza. Crust is a tad thick for my taste, but crispy and a little chewy - I liked. I also liked their use of fresh oregano - it really adds so much to the pizza. The restaurant is really easy to hang out in, too. Just like good stuff - Spike knows how to set up a nice interior that you want to keep coming back to. And guess what else? We the Pizza makes fresh on-the-spot italian sodas. I got grape soda and it was divine. Also next time I go when I've eaten less pizza and have more room for dessert - they have homemade gelato and they make a smores sundae with it. Get OVER yourself, pizza place! I'm so glad to have you in the neighborhood. You can tell Spike put a lot of thought and care into creating a restaurant that people will love the food and atmosphere, even if there are pictures of Spike all over the walls. I even saw a couple parties going on - nice to have that option here on the tight-spaced Hill.

So what are you doing this weekend, dearies? I need to catch up on so many things since I've pretty much been out of town every week since June 2. Major laundry and organization to do - boo (but I'm secretly excited to be doing this. I'm sick, I know).
TH and I are having family day on Saturday and I'm so excited to spend time with him! I think we'll probably see a movie tonight, if we can decide on one...Inception? Salt? Despicable Me?


hanner said...

i also loved the thick and chewy crust! mmmm. we also loved our sassparilla soda. yalm. i'm so glad there's a good stuff alternative now. i love me a good stuff shake but MAN, if we didn't end up there 90% of the time we can't decide where to meet friends for dinner, i might like it more. if that makes sense.

i vote inception! so that you can now be in the inner circle that knows what everyone's talking about.

Sherpa said...

I'm so glad this place opened up! Can't wait to try it!

Johanna said...

I'm excited to try it when I go back to DC in the Fall. I love DC and its food. Good Stuff eatery was really good. But there Oreo shake was just a little bit too sweet for me.

I'm hiking to Stuart Falls (UT) this weekend and hanging out with friends.

Can't wait!