Jul 29, 2010

it's better down here.

no prejudices or anything, but i really love the manassas battlefield much more than gettysburg. i hung a left out of harrisburg yesterday afternoon and drive through gettysburg. it's so...commercialized. so many trinkets to buy stating that "i've been to gettysburg!" the manassas battlefield is much calmer and gives one the ability to focus on the real purpose of going to these sacred places. reflecting on our history, grateful thoughts for those who fought for our freedom, and spending time with friends and family.
i know gettysburg hosted lincoln, and therefore its better-known, and also that the battle of gettysburg was a turning point in the civil war, but really - does everyone need to capitalize on that by opening stores entirely dedicated to green, orange, and all things irish?

i was glad to roll back home last night and i've been thinking about when i can go visit manassas battlefield. when it cools down, i think a picnic and kite flying are in order. want to come?


hanner said...

ummm i'd really like to go to the manassas battlefield. 1) robbie hasn't been, and 2) i HAVE been, but it was in november and we got there late (just after the sun set) and there is nothing to do on a cold, dark battlefield except be freaked out by that giant statue and a house in the middle of nowhere. you know what i mean? haha.

also, i liked gettysburg fine, but i would have liked it more if our tour guide weren't a jerk.

AmandaStretch said...

Have you done a Gettysburg driving audio tour? It gets you away from the commercialized crap and into the battlefield, driving around all the lookouts and sites. It was really pretty cool. I own the CD if you want a copy!s

Jen Evans said...


Sherpa said...

I was just going to say, did you get to the actual Gettysburg Battlefield? Once you get past main street, and spend some random time on the actual battlefield, it's pretty amazing. Especially when there's not that many people around.