Jul 12, 2010

weekend of dreams.

hey good thing i had the best weekend of life because now i can stick it in my back pocket to remember how great things are while i'm away for the rest of the month.

friday: Breathless at AFI. even if i cannot be in paris, i can pretend via jean seberg and her amazing hair. i've wanted to see this movie for forever and was so excited to see it coming to AFI for a week! get there this week if you can. they're showing it in the big big theatre. yay.

saturday: brunch at jimmy t's. blueberry waffles for me and eggs, bacon, and grits for TH. then off to a family reunion in maryland - hung out with moms family and introduced mark and relaxed in the maryland countryside. so beautiful up there. we came home and just laid around the house some more, then walked to pick up a late night pizza at matchbox.

sunday: this is what made the weekend the best. church, and we taught the 4 and 5 year olds for naomi and man they are hilarious. some great lines direct from the kids:
q - do you know what this is a picture of?
a - yeah, that's jesus wearing flipflops.

q - who is the most obedient of all? (answer supposed to be jesus)
a - ME! (shouted by a really rambunctious 3 year old)

q - what do you see in this picture?
a - (8 year old kid) a hobo!
a - some other girl - awww, that's a bad word.
a - (8 yr old kid) - hobo's not a bad word. we got one on our block!

and that really is just scratching the surface. i applaud the primary teachers - those kids are quite a handful, but so full of love and earnestness, it's hard not to totally just love them right away.

after church, we walked to the national's game. i got free tickets from my boss in the VERY FRONT ROW behind the dugout. what?! it was really ridiculously hot and sunny, but so fun. you could see the players mouthing curse words and spitting out their chaw (gross). we had so much fun.
after the game, we decided to take out our bikes for a tour de dc. this is a lesson i continue to learn - bikes + summer = FUN! we rode everywhere, including down by the waterfront, across the mall to the hirschhorn, and to eastern market for milkshakes from Teds Bulletin.

basically, the most summery summer weekend of 2010.

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hanner said...

i'm so glad you enjoyed the summery weekend too!! when you guys get back we have to do bike riding together. we love being so free in the city. srsly. and i'm really bummed we missed out on the shake run! we were at my sister's until late. maybe the four of us + ted's isn't meant to be until august :P