Sep 16, 2011

babies! (what, did you think this would be about something else?)

my office mates threw a baby shower for me yesterday. i tend to get a little nervous when i'm the center of attention at large group gatherings (hello, awkward lingerie wedding shower - seriously what was i thinking??), but the baby shower yesterday was perfectly lovely. i think it's because the shower is really about the baby, and everything at a baby shower is so darn cute that it's hard not to fall in love with everything and everyone.

they brought in crazy amounts of cupcakes, ice cream, and sweet little baby presents. they planned a onesie design activity - everyone got a white onesie and some fabric markers and drew little designs on them. some of them were really so cool and some of them were um, poo related. blech. but then we opened the star gift - the ergo carrier! we tried it on TH and i can report that while successful, it was also hilarious.

it is really nice to like your job, but it is REALLY nice to like your coworkers. and i think they are pretty great.

and speaking of babies, my sister is in town for a week with elijah and evie baby! talk about cute little kids, i cannot wait to hang out with them all weekend.


hanner said...

that first picture is classic. classic, i say!

Jodi said...

Sorry we couldn't be there this weekend. Much success with having your baby!!!Peeked over your blog. Cute. You'll have to add "baby" to the list of things you blog about:) Much fun and learning coming!