Sep 7, 2011


and for the final birthday hurrah, I took TH to a baseball game to see the speed demon, Strasburg, pitch his first game since his injury last year. his fastest pitch of the night was 99mph. that's pretty fast, world.

but let's get down to brass tacks. baseball games = sitting close to each other, listening to him talk about something he loves, and eating french fries and nachos. hello, i do not get why people can't enjoy baseball. ;)

we stayed through the 5th inning, at which point the heavens opened up and poured down on all of us, so we walked home. pregnant bump and all.


ps someone told me this morning that i'm starting to waddle. i don't get why people think it's ok to comment on belly protrusion/width, walking abilities, and the foods i'm eating. but if you are my friend, feel free to comment on all this. see how i have double standards? it's pretty cool.


Laura K said...

waddle waddle waddle. Its not that you CANT walk normally, its that it is way more comfortable to throw the weight from side to side to help propel your feet forward. Dont mind the comments though, its way worse at night having to wake up, shift-turn-shift-turn-shift-turn until you have successfully turned from one side to the other. Repeat fourteen times throughout the night.

hanner said...

julie, you and i were on the same train today but i saw you just as the doors were closing and i didn't have time to go through and get off when you did. i am bummed about this. i would have texted you to tell you but my phone is now officially dead.

Jen Evans said...

Reminder: all comments and awkward touching are subject to mirroring. For example: Oh, Julie, you sure are getting big! Wow, so are you! ooor... Woah, not too many more days until you pop, huh? Yeah, kinda like that zit on your neck.

Take your pick.