Sep 21, 2011

sometimes you just need to leave the office and go on a date with your love.

that is tryst, my favorite place to cozy up next to TH. we sat on a bench on the SAME side of the table and he had his arm around me while we listened to some beautiful live jazz and shared nachos. and of course i got my washington carver (choco + peanut butter shake = eyes rolling back in head delicious). after tryst, we walked into used book store and bought a sweet book about norwegian gnomes. perfect night.
work is so crazy busy for both of us right now, but we prioritized each other last night and it was one of the best nights we've had together in a while.


DeeAura said...

I love this. "We prioritized each other...and it was the best night..." DUH. Everybody needs this. I'm stitching it on pillows for everyone I know this Christmas.

(jk, jk...but only because that's a ton of cross stitching and I'd rather drink herbal tea and watch re-runs. oops.)

emily said...

jazz + nachos = sounds perfect to me