Sep 30, 2011

weekend, finally.

DC is getting a blast of cool air this weekend, and i haven't so excited about something since like 5 minutes ago when i saw an article on this new cafe downtown, Wicked Waffle. drool.

for the weekend: it's conference, crafty bastards, and lots of baking planned, including trying out these bagels, possibly some pumpkin CC bread, and definitely some more baked potato soup. tis the season for soup!

can you tell i have food on my mind? hmm, i wonder why (ahem. baby.).

have a gorgeous october weekend!


communikate. said...

i love you have conference and crafty bastards in the same sentence. hilarious.

and waffles?! yes and yes. we have a stand her in portland that sells em with nutella and marshmallow cream.

mike said...

I have to agree with the previous comment. At least you listed conference first.

nomadic gnome said...

to be clear, i'm going to crafty bastards fair 1st, then conference. so ya know. keeping everything in order.

ps - that waffle sounds amazing! send me one? ;)