Sep 29, 2011

family baby shower!

food and family

as if having one baby shower wasn't enough, my amazing sisters also threw me a baby shower. jenny went above and beyond to make cute folded fans (just like at our wedding) and banners, and these awesome garlands that hung from the ceilings. and the food. well, the girls got willards BBQ which really was enough for me. but on top of that, they made all KINDS of treats - cake pops, fruit tarts, thumbprint cookies, and a smattering of other BBQ sides. they made me feel so special!
mary and food!

the best part - when they were making cake pops, lizzie (4 years old) was DYING to have one, but wasn't allowed until the shower started, so she just stared at them wistfully from across the room and whispered to herself "i wish i could have a cake pop". my sister mary said - lizzie, you can have a cake pop soon, i promise! and lizzie said "how did you hear my wish??" she cracks me up.

i felt so loved and um, really HOT. i've been getting so warm lately (as in i wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat), and being the center of attention made me sweat even more. anyway, we had a super fun time! i loved hanging out with family and laughing with my sisters. laura, can you please move to DC already? i hear minneapolis gets pretty cold in the elijah and evie are too cute to be so far away.
julie + elijah reading.
evie + butt wash
this photo of evie holding the butt bath bottle kills me.

after the shower ended, we moved into the "let's make evie walk" portion of the party. and she did! it turns out candy bribes really work for kids. who would have ever thought.

thanks sisters for a fun baby shower that made me and baby feel so special! time for rowlett baby number 7 to make its entrance to the world and meet all these people that will love him or her so much.


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willards at a shower. oh my gosh. i'm so jealous. that sounds so good right now. your family is great! love the last photo especially. ;)