Sep 25, 2011

the third trimester: busy, busy.

the first trimester of baby was spent accepting the fact that i had a baby growing inside of me, and spending many mornings close to the bathroom, and trying to keep it a secret until 13 weeks. that was a tough few months!

the second trimester was full of energy, happiness, awe of my expanding belly, and return of my (newly voracious) appetite.

so far, almost 34 weeks into this pregnancy, the third trimester has got me feeling...well, endorphin-filled, emotional and just plain busy.

1. trying to close out work before maternity leave is kind of a joke since i am planning and running 3 meetings before the baby comes (honestly - was not realizing how tired and exhausted i would be at this point).

2. my amazing and lovely sisters threw me a family baby shower last weekend complete with willards BBQ, and naomi threw me a beautiful baby shower on saturday with my favorite pregnancy food - cinnamon rolls. yum! celebrating a baby with friends and family helps the experience seem all the more real - yes, we are having this baby and we've got the cute outfits and baby gear to prove it! plus i'm pretty sure baby loves all the attention. what else would cause such hard kicks to the ribs?

3. we took a couples yoga class on saturday for labor and delivery, and it was so GREAT. i would recommend that class to everyone - i felt so close to TH during the entire class. knowing that we are going through the birth experience together is a really emotionally heavy concept to accept and i'm surprised how much this pregnancy has brought us closer together. i didn't expect that.
basically now that we've kind of prepared for the physical arrival for baby, focusing on the emotional delivery of the baby is top priority. and every time i see a birthing video - EVERY time, i cry. i can't even imagine how amazing it will be to meet this little baby for the first time. we are just beyond words over here and it's incredible that we are building and strengthening our own relationship in the process - falling in love a little more with TH every day.

i'm realizing i could go on and on about baby and the entire crazy/scary/miraculous journey of pregnancy, so i'll wrap it up by saying - i'm so grateful the human gestation period is 9 months. i've needed this time to prepare myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. it's just been a whirlwind of an experience.

*photos from baby shower, taken by naomi.


LMT said...

congratulations on your pregnancy. Im visiting from Naomi's blog. These pictures of the shower are beautiful, no doubt she did an amazing job. Hang in there, the baby will be here soon! :-)

hanner said...

this post made me a little weepy and i am not even pregnant. maybe a little PMSy. it was just a cute post ok?

Laura K said...

Was it better than our shower?? Was the food better? Are you breaking up with our family baby shower.

naomi megan. said...

this post makes me so happy! wish we'd have tried out that couples yoga thing. sounds amazing.

and hey, @laura k, i don't think any food will ever beat willards bbq so you definitely win! ;) and now i'm craving a pulled pork sandwich. thanks.