Sep 5, 2011

birthday weekend = success.

brunch at granville moores. solid brunch menu, the good doctor was amazing.

dinner at toki underground (totally worth the 2 hour wait). oh, i am already craving that ramen.

naps and relaxing all day sunday. a long walk through The Yards Park in southwest waterfront.

tour of the pope leighy house in virginia, one of the few frank lloyd wright houses in the area. amazing and inspiring use of 1200 square feet. also, it was super hot and i almost passed out, but hey, tough it out for my mans bday.

lunch at willards (duh. perfection.)

banana split cake with friends. used this recipe for the banana cake, and added some sliced bananas, chocolate ganache, whipped cream, chopped walnuts and cherries!

and that my friends is how you usher in year 31 for TH. i'm finding he likes low key much better, after comparing it to the montreal birthday trip from last year, he was much more contented to stay at home and hang out with his buds. i really love him a lot. we are lucky to have found each other and lucky to be in love with a little one on the way. hooray for birthdays that remind you of the need to celebrate the life of the ones you love so much.


naomi megan. said...

julie these photos are so great! especially that cute shot of the two of you and the bebe bump.

also, that cake was so good. we talked about it the whole way home. happy birthday again to mark! what a great year for you two!


hanner said...

mmm that CAKE! thanks for letting us share the weekend with you guys. t'was fun!

Laura K said...

I hope you're still in a baking mood in about a week!