Sep 1, 2011

maryland blue crabs: our annual tradition


once every summer (at least), we head up to aunt diana's and uncle tom's in maryland to eat crabs. we get bushels and bushels, spread newspaper on the table and crack them open with our tools. we always have fun, whether i am brave enough to eat crabs or not (pregnancy and maryland blue crabs do not agree with me).

i love family traditions. what are yours?


Laura K said...

One of my family traditions is going to maryland and eating crabs at my aunt and ... Hey wait a minute. You guys owe me some shelly goodness.

emily said...

mmm I could really go for some crab right now!

Jathan and Heather said...

Hey!! I've been to this tradition! But I think you guys were fabulous and ordered me a pizza instead. :) I do remember however, all you Rowlett's going crazy, cutting off limbs and heads! ;) AND you've been to one of my family traditions... Barton! Yay for fun family traditions!!

Lars said...

Oh I miss this! i vote Maryland for our next reunion!