Sep 15, 2011

september and terribly so.

today is september 15, which means it is back to school season.
some days i really would like to be back in school although i don't think i fully realize what that means. but i think what i really miss is the memories. i am (secretly) a very sentimental person and cling to memories of the past and romantic visions of the future. it keeps me sometimes from enjoying what is going on in the world around me. but i try. i do try.

today is september 15, which means it is less than 2 months until baby is here.
having my first baby is a ridiculously surreal experience. i feel it kick and move and spin, and i know it's in there, but like, really? am i really having a baby? it boggles the mind. especially after watching my first 2 birth videos this week. for the record i sob like a baby every time i see a baby born, or read about a baby being born.

today is september 15, which means i should gear up my fall wardrobe.
but friends, where does one obtain maternity tights? and should i keep the boots i bought with "man-made" soles, not leather? i get so swept up in the romance of Autumn, i ignore fashion until November and then it is 3 years in a row I have not been able to find a new boot. i think i'll probably stick with these.

what does september 15 mean to you?


communikate. said...

september 15th is my parents anniversary and my neice's first birthday. lots of meaning.

i actually start school again in a week, and i'm dying to school shopping.

as for maternity tights? h&m?

Jen Evans said...

Happy Koens Day! September 16-17 will be WAY better. BABY!

Clint and Jinger Miller said...

I bought maternity tights that were also spanxs from motherhood maternity.

Lars said...

even after two years and two kids I still feel like I'm just playing house. I'm still waiting to feel like I'm really a mom.