Sep 2, 2011

sick day.

not so fun staying up all night sick, sick, sick on the bathroom floor.
staying home to nurse myself back to health, wishing my mom were here to take care of me (yes, i'm pathetic and can't take care of myself).
for a few minutes i started panicking and thought i was in preterm labor, which happens to be one of my greatest anxieties since my sister had her babe at 32 weeks and my friend had hers at 31 (?) weeks. both their babies are beautiful, healthy babies, but for some reason i still have this anxiety - anyone else experienced this?
i just keep saying every morning to baby - if we can just make it through september, you can be born when you want. so, that's our deal.

have a fun holiday weekend! TH's birthday is this weekend, so we're going to be living it up (read: laying around all weekend watching guy movies and eating milkshakes). i love celebrating his birthday, even though i think i usually get him pretty weird gifts like the time i got him 12 egg holders, or the time i got him my favorite candy. oops.


Veronica said...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately since my friend was put on bed rest a couple days ago and they're trying to get her to last another week to make it to 32 weeks. I kept waking up last night thinking about it. I guess I'm more nervous for her than I am for myself, but still. I know what you mean. But we're all gonna make it!

Laura K said...

Woo four day weekend!