Sep 28, 2011

milk duds + someone to watch over me.

last night, as i sat in bed reading my baby book, i snacked on a small box of milk duds to calm the midnight sugar cravings. (and because milk duds are my weakness - what can i say, i like a good chewy caramel.)

upon seeing his wife get caramel stuck in her teeth with every chew, with no intention of getting out of bed to brush, TH took matters into his own hands. "you have to brush your teeth", he insisted. "i won't let you go to bed with sugar teeth and cavities".

and that is why it's nice to have someone like TH around. he loves me right down to my chompers.


Laura K said...

Its his fatherly instincts kicking in. or he just didn't want to sleep next to caramel breath cavity face.

communikate. said...

That's awesome and totally something I would do (the candy + no intention of brushing teeth once I'm tucked in.)

Pst.. your baby shower was so cute! You look great too!

Victoria Marie said...

he's so sweet! my husband did the same thing when I was pregnant. if it weren't for him by teeth would be in serious trouble! <3 a new follower