Aug 2, 2010

weekend of dreams, II.

wow, what a perfect weekend. they don't make them much better, i think.

friday: shopping in chinatown and caught the 10:30 Inception (we liked).
saturday: lazy morning, pancakes, walk to air and space museum to check out new exhibit, cokes at burrito brothers, first visit to our awesome community pool (views of the washington monument! classic!), then tried out some banh mi in falls church, and finally to darci's going away party. bye bye darci dear, i already miss your adorable face.
sunday: church, nap, planning meals for the week, dinner with TH's family, home to read and relax, early bedtime.

i feel unbelievably refreshed.

and in case you missed it, yes - we found a free pool just minutes from our house and its awesome! planes flying overhead, looking straight at the big pencil, and easy to get to on a bike. i know what i'm doing with the rest of my summer in dc. hip hip hooray.


hanner said...

julie. i NEED to know more about this pool. our conversation about it was much too abbreviated. i really need some pool time, STAT.

Iggy Bloggit said...

where is this magical pool?