Aug 23, 2010

airport malaise.

i swear i have the worst luck in the world when it comes to flying. in the past 2 months, i think i've had 3 cancelled flights, and at least 3-4 delays. only 3 flights that i can remember have been on time.

i've been in the dallas-fort worth airport for about 8 hours, and hopefully this flight will take off in 1.5 hours as scheduled. it's just so disappointing to spend all your trip in an airport. i fly back tomorrow at 5pm, so i'm already only going to be there for less than 20 hours. ew.

on a plus note, i had more weird dreams and i think i did really weird stuff while i was sleeping on the plane. like talking loudly and probably touching my face because i dreamed that my face froze into place and couldn't move. it was terrifying. so actually, that's probably not a plus, but at least its something besides being stuck in an airport.

ok, here's a plus note: DFW has this restaurant called cereality and they sell CEREAL and milk. hello, its all i ever want anyway!! so, i had some golden grahams and strawberries - the same breakfast i had on my wedding morning (thanks jess!!) and it always makes me happy.

see, i already feel a little better just talking about that.


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