Aug 6, 2010

new apartment?

i have a really good feeling about finding a new apartment this weekend. we saw one today and looking at 2 more this weekend - i think by monday we'll know for sure!

i know what you're thinking - didn't you just move into your place? yes, we did. we have grown to love it in all its quirkiness, but its a little too close to the capitol and i'm tired of paying so much for something we don't love.

but. i looooved the place we saw today! the minute we walked in, i was sold! but we're going to see two more just for insurance, and because i have the "grass is greener" syndrome like crazy.

wish us luck!!


naomi megan. said...

so exciting! wish i was having your luck. looked at a place last night together that we're going back and forth on. still haven't found something we love.... ugh. such an ordeal.

hoping this new place is close by us? ;) and hoping it's still on capitol hill!!!! better be!

Laura K said...

i am implementing a new rule, posts about new somethings should include pictures, then a poll takes place.

nomadic gnome said...

ok. and since you just did a new post with pictures i doublely will do it.

naomi, we'd almost rather sleep in stanton park than stay in our lease, so i think our standard of what we love has dropped. oops. :) you guys will find something, though!

Eric said...

It seems like all you do is worry about hair, get apartments, and eat.