Aug 6, 2010

week 1: success

the decision was made to start budgeting for food.

this week was our first real week of the experience. we planned out potential lunches and dinners, then hit the grocery store. and i'm happy to report i brought my lunch every single day and it was so yummy and instead of spending $10 on lunch, i spent more like $3. hoorah!
dinner was another story, but we're working on it. i'm finding out i'm not a great cook (especially after a disaster curry on tuesday night), but i guess practice makes perfect, right? but most dinners this week were really simple since we've been eating at like 10pm most nights. last night we ate at 11pm, and it was the best dinner of the week: scrambled eggs on toasted french bread with olive oil and tomatoes, and a little sausage on the side. delicious! brinner really is the answer to life's questions.

and i feel like i should apologize about the storm post from yesterday. i didn't realize it would knock out half of dc's power! i do love thunderstorms, but not when they wreak havoc. i got caught in the rain pretty bad yesterday on the way to see an apartment (no luck - still looking), and i was totally soaked for the rest of the day. kind of fun, kind of not.

so onto the weekend after a crazy busy work-week. tonight we are going with friends to the arcade fire show! yay for good concerts, boo for going to merriweather. barf. then saturday mom is coming up to check out capitol hill and see some gardens. hoping to grab a good brunch in eastern market. then a dinner with friends, maybe some pool time, then church and relaxation on sunday.


hanner said...

our power didn't go out, so i'm not even mad.

so robbie and i have failed at budgeting for food lately. we were REALLY good at it in provo, but our nomadic lifestyle has gotten us into bad habits. keep up the good work!

hanner said...

also, i'm sooooo excited for arcade fire. can i mention that 20 more times? cause i am.