Aug 20, 2010

peck of peaches. and a couch.

my friends were sweet enough to pick some extra peaches for friends, and last night i was hand delivered a peck of the juiciest, ripest peaches known to man. i'm planning my weekend around peach pies, peach jam, peach salsa, and eating whole peaches while laying around in the lazy summer afternoons.

that is, of course, in between my frantic hunting for a new couch. i'm looking for a beautiful old settee, but craigslist and i are not getting along lately. i don't want to buy another new couch, unless i really like it. and i'm not finding anything in my price range! bah! if you know of any 55" loveseats or settees, i want to know about it. TH wants nothing to do with this effort since he liked the brown behemoth couch perfectly fine, so i'm an island on this issue. maybe, does anyone have suggestions for good antique stores to find a cool, smaller couch?


hanner said...

a peck a peaches! still funny. robbie and i had delicious peaches on top of waffles with whipped cream this morning!!! i have you to thank.

and i'm emailing you peach recipes right... now.

Jen Evans said...

My basement.

Please bring us some peaches. lizzie has been begging me all morning to go to the store for peaches!