Aug 11, 2010

we're not moving.

with the recent scare of getting a new apartment, i think we are committed to our current place. living in turrets has its benefits - none of which include furniture fitting in nicely, but we manage. i have really come to love our tiny apartment with all its glorious windows. the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning (after looking in the mirror at my troll hair) is look outside to see the morning workers scurrying off to work. its my barometer for how the day will go. if i see lots of people, time to get a move on. if its sparse, i'm probably late for work, which happens more often than not!!

we kind of put a hold on decorating the apartment when we thought we wanted to move out a few months ago, but now that we're in it - decorating is back on! hooray! i'll be sharing pictures over the next couple weeks of our apartment because i don't want to break my promise to you faithful readers (most of whom have already seen our place and laughed at our 2 foot wide kitchen. what's a girl to do.)

turns out, it is kind of hard to leave the first apartment you have with your husband. memories.

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hanner said...

i'm really glad you guys ended up staying. i know i've said it a million times but i really love your place!