Aug 16, 2010

monday monday.

i am crazy tired after such a delightful weekend.

the almost fall-like weather put me in a trance all weekend and friends - i even wore boots on sunday!! they were just ankle boots, but still! boots! autumn is so close and my happiness level is fairly manic due to the shifts in the weather all the time. so just sayin.

friday we took a long walk around adams morgan, admiring all the old houses and feeling for just a few minutes like we were in notting hill (same curved road, same grand and lovely homes), until we walked back to 18th street and had to avoid all the little hipsters, lest they spot the outsiders! we had dinner at a place i've been wanting to check out for a while, himilayan heritage - nepalese indian food - and had a really nice late dinner.

saturday morning...i sold the brown couch! i finally did it and i feel like we both got a good deal. and more importantly the behemoth couch is gone and our living room seems so much bigger. i wouldn't be surprised if we don't get a new couch to replace it. instead, we gathered our two armchairs, put them next to each other with a small little table in the middle and a lamp, and we are calling it our Up chairs. i'm dying over how much I love sitting there and reading with TH on the other side.
saturday we shopped in georgetown and both found new glasses. hooray. and some new jeans. double hooray. nothing like trying on jeans to destroy any kind of good feelings towards the world and general population. needless to say, i was pretty happy to find a pair i liked. we made it an early night on saturday and spent some time cleaning up and taking care of the house. finished the night off with The Graduate.

sunday was church, relax and reading time, and then a really nice dinner with our newly engaged friends and some old grad school buddies. it was so nice to reminisce and to hear the proposal story and enjoy really good food with funny people. and of course, it made me miss nyc a little bit, but i am more and more content with living in DC. it's working for us right now.

and now its monday, back to sweltering 95 degrees, humidity, and work. silver lining - lots of fun things planned for the week. and, it's restaurant week in DC!!

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hanner said...

robbie wants to go to dangerously delicious this week for fake restaurant week. now that he's back on the dessert bandwagon i'm totally ok with that.